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Disability Disaster Access & Resources Website

An accessible and responsive website created in WordPress CMS. Not simply a cookie cutter template, this theme has been modified through PHP as well as heavy custom CSS in order to get the website as accessible as possible. With a Google Lighthouse rating of 98+ on most pages this easily surpasses WCAG AA+ accessibility standards….

DOnetwork Straw Survey Report

Saddle bound booklet. Accessible in print and digital form. 2019. [Download] the full screen reader optimized report. Tools of the trade:Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign. Acrobat Pro for accessibility optimization.

About the Logo

What’s with the logo? I have an unorthodox background for being a designer and web developer. I’ve worked with thousand pound powerplant behemoths connected to sleek machines that soar like an albatross through the sky. Always the gear head I decided to embrace this and have it on display with a logo containing crisscrossed piston…

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