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Created print assets such as magazine full page ads, community flyer half pagers, and post cards. Digital assets include website ads, header banners, and motion graphic videos and GIFs.

Disability Disaster Access & Resources Website

An accessible and responsive website created in WordPress CMS. Not simply a cookie cutter template, this theme has been modified through PHP as well as heavy custom CSS in order to get the website as accessible as possible. With a Google Lighthouse rating of 98+ on most pages this easily surpasses WCAG AA+ accessibility standards….

DOnetwork Straw Survey Report

Saddle bound booklet. Accessible in print and digital form. 2019. [Download] the full screen reader optimized report. Tools of the trade:Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign. Acrobat Pro for accessibility optimization.

About the Logo

What’s with the logo? I have an unorthodox background for being a designer and web developer. I’ve worked with thousand pound powerplant behemoths connected to sleek machines that soar like an albatross through the sky. Always the gear head I decided to embrace this and have it on display with a logo containing crisscrossed piston…