3D Modeling

These full 3D models provides your website visitors with an entertaining and engaging view of your structure while also providing a more accurate volumetric measurements of your stockpiles. Embedding into your website with the supplied iFrame code snippet is a breeze. No need for expensive proprietary 3D software or subscriptions. If you already have the 3d software, we can deliver the output in the following formats:   

Volumetric measurement sample.
Volumetric measurement sample with altitude gradient map.
  • Textured 3D Model OBJ, MTL and JPG texture files. Dimensions in meters.
  • Textured 3D Model (small) 100k face version of the OBJ, MTL and JPG texture files. Point cloud information is in the OBJ file. Dimensions in meters.
  • Point Cloud XYZ RGB and LAS outputs for compatiblity with CAD and GIS software.
  • 3D KMZ 250k face Google Earth and SketchUp compatible 3D model.

Please note, while still more accurate than using Google Maps, these are non survey grade renderings. No special Ground Control Points (GCP) hardware is used. These maps should only be used as a rough overview when taking measurements.

Relative accuracy margin of error: Horizontal <1%, Vertical <2%, volumetric measurements <1%

3D Model Based Stitching: We use the most cutting-edge methods available for creating our maps.  Combining multiple looks at an area as an aircraft flies over allows us to create a 3D model from which can derive stunningly accurate orthophoto maps. The textured 3D model can be downloaded and previewed online.

Maps Made Easy

Case Study: The Barn. Flown in two passes, once in nadir mode and once at a 50 degree camera angle, using a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone and both Ground Station Pro and Litchi flight automation software.

Interactive 3D Model

Top-Down Model (Best for Measurements)

Advanced Output Downloads: Full Resolution JPG (JPG), DEM GeoTIFF (TIF), Colorized DEM GeoTIFF (TIF). Colorized DEM (JPG), 3D Texture (JPG), 3D Model (127MB OBJ), 3D Material (MTL)