Aerial Photography & Cinematography

With a Bachelor’s and 10 years of graphic design experience, we know how to tell a story using visuals. No matter the industry, let us engage your audience with gorgeous drone shot stills and breathtaking video productions.

Commercial – Looking for a way to wow your investors? Let us put together a photo package or short promotional video showing the potential area of development and its surrounding amenities. Or maybe you’re a retailer wanting to show off your vast outdoor lot of inventory? Our drone services can help with that too!

  • Photo of a river.


    Discovery Park
  • Photo of downtown Sacramento during sunrise.


    Sacramento morning skyline.
  • Photo of a railyard.


    Old Sacramento Train Depot
  • Shepard Fairey mural of Johny Cash on the side of the Residence Inn.


    Shepard Fairey mural of Johny Cash on the side of the Residence Inn.

Construction – In addition to the top-down orthomosaics, normal aerial photos in the cardinal directions and additional close ups can help plan, spot safety hazards, and identify milestone shortcomings in your projects. Using automated flight path waypoints and orbits we can even produce you an awesome video showing a 6 month progression evolve in front of your eyes through a 1-2 minute video. A true gem you can showcase in your portfolio.

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.

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Real Estate – We’re proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with Aerial Canvas out of the Bay Area to help expand their suite of services to the Sacramento region. Aerial Canvas is an up and coming innovative media company with a stable of talented creatives and editors, we handle Photos, 3D Tours, Real Estate Marketing, Websites, Videos, and more. Check em out at

(Aerial footage courtesy of yours truly!)