Cayman S

A white Porsche Cayman S that flows seamlessly with the white themed web page.


Strength, speed, finesse, agility, endurance. Like superb athletes, the Cayman and Cayman S turn a collection of impressive capabilities into something sublime. While their acceleration, lateral g-forces and braking distance are all impressive, figures cannot fully describe the experience of driving the Cayman and Cayman S.

  • 3.4 liters: 295 horsepower
  • 2.7 liters: 245 horsepower
  • Six-cylinder "boxer"
  • Mid-engine
  • VarioCam Plus
  • Variable-steering ratio
  • MacPherson-strut suspension

The Flat Six Boxer Engine

The 24-valve flat-six boxer engine engineered specifically for the Cayman achieves each objective. Its low center of gravity augments the superb chassis in which it resides. The two-piece block is diecast in lightweight aluminum with integrated oil and water channels.

This simple solution eliminates the need for drilling or external hoses, possible sources of failure. Other solutions are more complex: The crankshaft bearing bridge, for example, is a composite structure of two metals: aluminum to cut weight, and cast-iron inserts to reduce temperature-related changes in bearing play.

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